iPad Air Review

Apple recently announced its newest tablet, the iPad Air. Thats right, the newest big thing with Apple is finally here. Since the release of the iPhone and iPhone 5c phones, there has been a lot of buzz around the tech giant. So without further delay, here is all you need to know about this new ultra-thin tablet computer.

ultra thin design

What are the specs for the iPad Air?

The air tables has an A7 processor with 64 bits that its own dedicated motion processor named the M7 (also found in the iphone 5s). Apple is saying this new processor is eight times faster than the old one. Something important to me is battery life, even though its not as big of a deal with a tablet as it is a phone. I like battery life to last and the ipad airs battery life of 10 hours seems to deliver nicely considering the speed of the processor. Another thing a lot of people care about is the camera. Its a five megapixel camera that has HD face-time, the feature most people will likely use on their tablets.

Additional Features

One of the things that makes this new product a hit is obviously its super light and thin design. Even though it has the same display as the older iPad models. (a 9.7-inch Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution), its the way the tablet is designed that is going to be the big difference to the user. Along with a slim form factor the new unit weighs only a pound which is actually a third less than the last generation of the Apple tablet. Its twenty percent thinner to be exact.

Does the new iPad have 4g?

So far the connectivity for the new iPad has only Wi-Fi for connectivity thanks to the new MIMO 802.11n wireless connector. What this means to you is WI-FI that has a connection that is twice as fast as the previous model. However an LTE model is coming out for a reported $630. The standard unit is $400.

iPad Air Color Options

Its going to come in two different colors options. These are space grey and black as well as a white and silver option that looks particularly stunning on the new tablet.

Final Thoughts?

While I always like to wait for a final opinion on a product until its bugs have been discovered and durability by real users has been assessed we can make some conclusions none the less. The new i-pad air model has some really great features. I believe its definitely a worthwhile upgrade from the previous editions. With it being lighter, thinner, and faster there is really a lot to like. My absolute favorite feature is how Apple put extra emphasis on making the Wi-fi browsing faster. It seems to be packed full of apps that are fun, entertaining and useful for everyday life. If you don’t already own a tablet, chances are with technology these days you are going to own one sooner or later. And while the Apple iPad air review should note this product has some stiff competition in the form of the Nexus 7 and many other devices, it is still a solid choice from a first look.


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